The Eureka Moment

"Aha! Eureka! Eureka! There’s water all over the floor!” - Greek Mathematician Archimedes

Archimedes yelled this over 2000 years ago when he solved a problem he had been mulling over in the bath tub. Archimedes discovered that bath water displaced when he got in, and that he could use the theory of water displacement to find the volume of an object by submersing it in water. Archimedes ultimately used this to stop his king from being cheated by a jeweler who was making his crown out of less gold than the king had paid for—by submerging a gold bar and the gold crown in water to compare their weights.

Eureka Moment Kathy Waite's EUREKA moment came in 2011.

Kathy realized that the current financial services model in Canada was flawed.

The industry generally provides inadequate product-focused advice, overcharges, misleads by omission of facts and fails to protect consumers. The traditional model, i.e. sales representatives masquerading as advisors with licenses sponsored by or working for large insurance companies and banks suffers from too many conflicts of interest created by commissions, sales incentives and sales target. Coupled with a lack of transparency on fees and what consumers get for the fees makes the current industry very unappealing. Go to the In the News page to read content from influential people who agree that things need to change.

So Kathy set course for the new way to do business! At Eureka Investor Guidance we:

The vast majority of our clients say they get vastly improved service for a fraction of the price they previously paid for financial help, and they really appreciate knowing exactly what they are paying in the fee only model.

After a few minutes with you on the phone and I’m sure you’ll understand why Eureka Investor Guidance is a EUREKA moment! Contact Kathy Waite now