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Below we have collected articles from the Canadian media spanning the last 3 years that focus on either the poor state of the financial services industry or fee-only financial advice. (Click one the names for bio) or Contact Kathy Waite for some recent articles.


Dan Bortolotti

from the Canadian Couch Potato & MoneySense Magazine

- Would You Like Fees With That? – Bortolotti talks about the sales practices of an investment company who tried to sell a reader a higher cost investment even though they specifically wanted the lower cost, and how this is typical in financial services. Click here to read

- Finding an Index-Friendly Advisor - Bortolotti introduces his new advisor directory for fee-only advisors. Click here for the article, and here for the directory, which we are in!

- Why Plans Should Come Before Products – Bortolotti writes about an interview with Carl Richards. They speak about how plans should proceed products and financial plans shouldn't just be a 2 inch thick document on your bookshelf. Click here to read

- It's time to Ban Advisor Commissions - Bortolotti talks about industry activity on banning investment commissions. Commissions have been banned in Australia and the U.K. Bortolotti talks about how advisors are lobbying against changes in Canada becauses it's in their interests, not clients. Click here to read


Rob Carrick

from the Globe & Mail

- How Canada lags on protecting investors – Carrick highlights an article published in the Chicago Tribune that criticizes the Canadian financial services and the lack of pro-investor regulation changes. Click here to read

- Paying for financial advice – Carrick discusses the different ways consumers can pay for financial advice, and specifically Eureka's model which he calls the fee-only model at 1.50 in the video. Click here to watch

- Transparency on fund fees? Bring it on – Carrick writes about what's going on the industry with fund fees, and how changes could get rid of "do-nothing advisors and sales hacks." Click here to read

- The real cost of fee-only financial advice – Carrick discusses fees for fee-only advice. Click here to watch

- The Elusive Search for Financial Advice – Carrick talks about a business based in Ottawa that operates like Eureka. Click here to read

- How the industry takes an unfair slice of your mutual funds – Carrick strives to raise fee awareness, stating that ignorant consumers are some what to blame. Click here to read

- The unequivocal Mr. Bogle – Carrick interviews John Bogle, a famous U.S. author and founder of Vanguard. They discuss fees in the Canadian market. Click here to read


Jonathon Chevereau

- This is why investment fees matter – watch this video to see Chevereau explain how fund fees eat away at your investments. Click here to read

- Finding a financial coach - Chevereau writes how fee-only advisors step in the fill the gap between commission financial advisors and pure financial planners. Click here to read

- Fee-only Pioneers-new breed of advisors - Chevereau explains the differences between fee-only and fee-based advisors, and how fee-only advisors work like lawyers or accountants charge by hour, project or tasks. Click here to read

- Difference between fee-only and fee-based financial planners – Chevereau provides clarification on how different planners charge. Click here to read

- How fee-only financial planners can help take the emotion out of DIY investing – Chevereau writes about the 150 true fee-only financial planners in Canada and the second opinion services they can provide. Click here to read

- Ying & Yang of Discount Brokerages and Fee-only planning – Chevereau speaks to the complementary nature of DIY investing and fee-only advisors. Click here to read

- The Truth About Net Worth – Chevereau writes about the important of Net Worth Management. Click here to read


Preet Banerjee

- Why your financial adviser might not have your best interests at heart – Banerjee writes about the sales culture at financial adviser firms, and the commission based pay. Read here

- Free or Fee - Financial Advisors are never free. Read here

- 'Financial Advisers': What exactly do they do?– Banerjee discusses the types of financial advisors and the need for more clarity on their definitions. Read here

- Not all financial advisers are created alike, U.S. 'sting' shows – Banerjee discusses a non-profit study in the U.S. that showed that commissioned advisers recommendations often put advisors pockets ahead of clients. Read here

- Buffet and Gekko both recommend index investing. Read here


FAIR is the Canadian Foundations for Advancement of Investor Rights

- Putting investors interests first is critical. Read here

- Canadian couch potato calls out disingenuous Advocis. Read here

- Importance of mutual fund fees industry advocates, ignorant or disingenuous? Read here

- Trailer fees, Silly. Read here

- The 2 percent solution. Read here


Money Sense Magazine: Where to Find a fee-only financial planner. Read the article here, Directory here, and the Saskatchewan directory that Eureka is on here


Others (Click on name for bio)

- Barrie Mckenna: The flaws in Canada's financial adviser system Read here

- Derek Decloet: Stop paying outrageous mutual fund fees. Read here

- Gail Vaz-Oxlade: Good advice isn't free. Read here

- David Hodges:

- Stefania Moretti: Abolish commissions for good. Read here

- Rob Engen

- Al Emid: The growing popularity of DIY investing. Read here

- Bill Harris: DIY Investors: Don't Go It Alone.Read here

- Gail Johnson: What type of financial advisor is right for you?Read here

- Steven Kelman: Choosing the Best Financial Advisor. Read here

- TuskTrader: Professional Traders still need financial advisors. Read here

- Larry MacDonald: Couch-potato investor example. Read here

- White paper on fee-only advice by Marc Lamontagne. Read here

- For Dummies: How financial Advisors get paid. Read here