What is the definition of a good retirement to you?

For some no more setting the alarm clock is enough, others want to use the time to tick some items off their bucket list, or live somewhere warm in the winter months!

What will you do in retirement?

The important point is to realize that retirement is not just a financial journey. It’s also an emotional odyssey and you should plan ahead to make the most of it. We can help you determine your goals and how to to achieve them with our comprehensive Net Worth Management Program.

Beginning in your 50s, you should start thinking about the activities that will fill your day in retirement. Staying home with nothing to do can be over rated if your retirement savings are a bit smaller than you had hoped, take heart — a part-time job in retirement can go a long way toward making up for an undersized portfolio.

Let’s say that you can make $20,000 a year from your part-time job. That is about what you could reasonably expect a $400,000 investment portfolio to generate in retirement,if your part-time job consists of doing work you enjoy, you may find that you never want to fully retire.

The best way to think about your retirement income is from the sources; pension, investment portfolio, and part-time job or business income. By thinking this way you can allocate your funds effectively today. If you plan to work through retirement then pumping more money into your investment portfolio may not be ideal.

Retirement Income Sources

If you are feeling a little lost with retirement planning contact us and we can elaborate on how we can help you...although if you're needing "help" like the wife in the video below there's not much we can do!