On February of this year CBC “MarketPlace” looked into the world of financial advice. CBC Marketplace is an expose show that looks into consumer issues. Although sensationalist, it is the media after all, the show did create great public awareness. The show did a hidden camera investigation on 10 financial advisors at different banks & institutions. The investigation found at least 4 of the advisers to be bad apples, which the show is featured around.

CBC Marketplace twitter post

The video is below. Some of the key takeaways are:

There are better methods than using a commissioned financial advisor. To learn about a method of dealing with your finances that avoids the bias that comes with commission visit our what is a fee-only financial planner page.

What some of our clients had to say about the show:

We saw it on an earlier channel, sooo bad! Where are the ethics? Coming from a career in healthcare where ethics are so important at all levels, I find the lack of accountability shocking. Nothing professional about the people portrayed in this episode. That said, I do realize that the documentary is meant to be sensationalistic. Hopefully consumers will make the effort to become better informed because of it.

- Debby S.

I watched Marketplace. It really answered quite a bit about financial advisors. Thank heavens I have you. I guess people really do need to be aware.

- Bev K.

That was quite scary. I am a bit sorry I watched it!! I am sure there are people in that industry that are not out and out crooks like most of them on there.

- Liz W.

On twitter there was quite a buzz:

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What did industry & professionals say?

- the financial advisor industry pushed it off saying "it was just a few bad apples"

- the forward thinking financial planners, bloggers, and journalist thought it was a great eye opening exercise for the average consumer. Below is a video of a few fee-only planners and Preet Banerjee discussing the show.