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Net Worth Manager - An annual subscription service that provides comprehensive financial guidance and planning to clients.

Eureka's flagship service is the Net Worth Manager Subscription. Kathy Waite provides an annual subscription service that is unlike anything available in Canada right now! As part of the annual subscription clients will receive on-call comprehensive custom financial guidance, assistance, and implementation for the whole year. Starting out with a financial health check to help you set goals, assess the financial strengths and weaknesses of your situation. Kathy will then write and help you implement a plan to overcome the weaknesses and address the needs. For the rest of the year any time a financial question arises or help is needed, call Kathy and she will be there to help and educate. The NWM is also a “gateway” service. Kathy provides access and referrals to numerous professionals who can complete your desired actions determined by your unbiased Net Worth Manager. Fee-only, no commissions or products sales. Contact Kathy Waite

Q&A Service - For those looking for specific one-time questions to be answered.

Looking for a specific question to be answered? Then try Eureka's Q&A service. Kathy will do a free 30-minute phone call to assess if she can help, then charge on an hourly basis—a pricing menu available on request with roughly how long it takes to cover various scenarios. Kathy will provide answers to questions like: Should I take my pension? Can I afford to retire? Is my asset allocation correct? With this service Kathy do not assist in implementing your solution. For assistance with implementation clients can subscribe to the NWM program or purchase one of Eureka's education programs for a more DIY approach. Contact Kathy Waite

Educational Programs - Covering topics that help you make it through the financial fog.

Eureka's Educational Programs are something we have pioneered to reach the growing market of DIY consumers out there. They also work as a complement to the Q&A Service for those who we have sent in the right direction but need some extra guidance in how to implement their solution. We offer the programs in a DIY module, over the internet, one-on-one, as seminars or group speaking functions. Programs include: DIY Investor Program which teaches clients how to manage their own money, MoneyCoach Program which teaches budgeting and debt management. Our education programs are forever growing and adapting so please contact for a current list of our offerings. Contact Kathy Waite

Employee Assistance Programs - Programs for employers and their employees.

The Employee Assistance Program is for employers who wish to support employees in creating financially sound decisions. The EA program comes without the sales pitch that your group benefits rep presentation provides, and removes the chance that the sales tactics that those reps use will offend your employees. Improves absenteeism rates for those with financial issues, retirement readiness, increases employee engagement in and appreciation of group benefits and pension plans. Contact Kathy Waite

Pure Financial Planning - For investment professional's clients.

The Pure Planning Program is targeted at portfolio managers and investment-only professionals in Canada. These professionals can use Eureka’s PP program to complement their investment services with purely financial planning guidance. Professionals can establish custom programs with us or route their clients through the programs listed above. Fee-only financial planning is offered virtually or face-face. Contact Kathy Waite