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Welcome to Eureka Investor Guidance

Eureka Investor Guidance is based near Regina Saskachewan, providing unbiased financial guidance to all of Saskatchewan & Canada. Face to face and remotely.

Kathy Waite is an unbiased Fee Only Net Worth Manager at Eureka Investor guidance who operates outside the flawed traditional commissioned “financial advisor” model and is proud of it! Eureka provides face to face fee only financial planning to Regina residents as well as residents across all of Saskatchewan. Remote services are offered to very rural clients or those outside of Saskatchewan.


Eureka Investor Guidance receives no commissions and has no hidden fees which allows Team Eureka to stay unbiased -- not swayed by bonuses, sales targets, or commissions.

Eureka Investor guidance is an alternative to investment product sales pitches consumers recieve from comissioned financial advisors.

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Eureka Investor Guidance was featured in the Financial Post & Wealth Professional Magazine & Money Sense Magazine




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